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Did we really successfully tricked the dog into believing the dog'd found the reward?

1. [Nose work] Did we / trainers really successfully tricked the dog into believing the dog had found his reward? (* here is tennis ball / favourite toy).

2. Trainers said: The dog is not looking for the scent / drugs, they are just looking for his reward.

3. Very often, I see trainers training the dog to do nose work - indication and search for the scent. When the dog have the positive indication with the box, the trainer would secretly pop his reward* (usually taken from trainer's back or side pocket; and most importantly not letting the dog where the reward came from). Thus the so-called unknowingly dog will be so surprise that the reward just pop because of his positive finding. It works, it almost always able to motivate the dog to continue the training. Trainer wanted the dog to believe that the dog found his toy.

4. The training will continue, the trainer will hide the reward, usually:
a) by spinning the trainer's body while holding the ball and tried to hide it without letting the dog see.
b) by making fast movement of the reward on his hand, and trying to trick the dog that the reward had dropped in front / somewhere, thus the dog will need to find it.

5. Ironically, we know dog have good scent. Will the dog really don't know / unable to smell the reward hidden by the trainers?

6. Any comments / experience / sharing are welcome.

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