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Which breed suits me best?

Hello, I owned dogs since I was 10 (even at that time, they really were mine, parents did not care for them and they took me as their owner). I had 2 rescue dogs. Now I know what I look for in my pet and I want to select a breed that suits my needs best. But I never reallly cared about dog breeds and I know almost nothing about them. I selected few breeds that are probably good for me, but I still do not know if they are ideal because they have some traits I dislike. Those breeds are german shepherd (bad health, not guarding very well, not one person dog), belgian shepherd (very unstable temperament, mellow, probably would not protect), tibetan mastiff (not active at all, giant, watches from a far - explained later, health issues), black russian terrier (giant, probably watches from a far - explained later, health issues) and Polish Lowland Sheepdog (rare, probably watches from a far - explained later).

The dog has to be medium or large size (ideally max.30kg). It is not that important, though. But it can not be smaller than 45cm. Shedding, grooming, fur length and type, etc. doesn't matter. I prefer short and medium haired dogs, but I can imagine grooming a dog with poodle like fur. Ideally healthy and not a rare kind of breed.

I look for loyal, devoted, dependent, cuddly companion, as well as a guardian. I am not looking for dog who loves everyone (This is the most important trait for me). I want one, that has strong bond with one person, but can stand other family members. But I do NOT want independent dog, which is what guardian breeds often are. I am not looking for a dog that lies somewhere and just watches me from a far. Ideally something like "velcro" dogs - never wants to leave owners side, seeks physical contact. As I read somewhere: "I would like to be the centre of my dog's universe." Only no or low prey drive (walking without a leash, cat or other small animals in house), also one that can stand other dogs (doesn't seek them). I am active person and I would like to have an active dog that learns quickly, happily and wants to do something all the time. I hope I did not forget something.

Do you know which breed would suit me? Thanks

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