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You want to help me rescue a cute little pup?

Hello to all of u..
I know this is a long shot, somebody will prbly hate me for bring this up (pardon me..)

Well, let me start.
I'm a 25 years old girl, living with my two dogs. One a rescue about 2y old and a puppy mix 7 months old.
Well, earlier in 2017 while I was in Costa del sol (Spain) we found a tiny sweet pup.. Just about 4 weeks or so, all alone, no sign of a mom or siblings.. We asked around but no one knew anything about the pup and no mommy dog around.. Well I knew in my heart I had to rescue this poor thing, and I took her straight to the vet. Luckily she was a healthy pup, but to small to be all alone and a little weak.. I was about to go home to my country just some days after, and didn't really know what to do with this pup.. All I knew was that I had to come back for her to take her home with me.. But I knew it would take some time, she had to get bigger and stronger, and she needed vaccines, idchip, passport etc..
Well, while in Spain I managed to find a fosterhome for her, where she could stay the time it would take for her to remain strength and get ready to travel..
And now, now she's ready to go, but only one problem.. All the vet bills etc I have paid for, from my own pocket.. But for her stay and the plane ticket will cost me another 250-300 euro .. Money I don't have right now.. and then we're back to why I post this..
I really begging and hoping that someone here maybe want to help donate so I could bring this sweet little girl home? I know its a long shot, and it's hard to ask.. But I just have to try.. Because I really want to help this dog, I really want to give her a good loving home. She would've been perfect for our family..

Yeah, I guess some of you would think, well if she don't have the money to bring this dog home, how would she manage to take care for it ..
Well, it's not that I have money, I got 2 jobs, and my salary is ok tho, and I got money for spend on my dogs. They are spoiled as f... they get good quality food (one of them is a dane, and u can imagine how much money I have to spend on his food..), both are insured in case of sickness or anything like that.. And I really try to give my dogs the best. They're my family and my life, and been helping me through some bad times. They're very very loved, and we want to rescue this little one as well, so she can get a home, a warm bed and a lot of love..

But this month have been really hard because my car broke down and I had to spend a lot of money on a "new" one (without a car I can't get to work so I really had to buy a new one).. And I dont get next salary before a month later.. That's why I'm begging u all for some help. Because longer she stays in Spain the more it will cost me and foster can't keep her that long.. I gotta go to Spain bring her home now..
If I can't take her she will be put in a shelter, and I really don't want her to experience that, like my other rescue did.. He's rescued from Spain as well.. He was in a killing station, about to be executed.. But luckily he got a new chance, and now he's living the good life.

I really want to give this sweet little girl a good home, a warm bed and a lot of love, she would be so perfect for our family. So can u guys please help us out a little?
We're not asking for much, just a little to help on the way..
Every donation are welcome and very much appreciated.. We use paypal, and my paypal is " "
If we can raise that kind of money and more, then rest of it will go the help the other stray dogs in Spain. Maybe more of them can get a second chance in life?

God bless y'all <3

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