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Dog barking at TV

I need help very badly. I don't even know where to start.
I train dogs sometimes, And there's a German shepherd named Thor I'm attempting to train. He barks anytime he sees any animal on The TV. I don't know how to get him to stop. Once he starts he freaks out and does it til the animal is gone,

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I implemented the following training plan for my border collie Dare who did this:

Have great treats and a clicker ready (if you don't want to use a clicker, you can say "YES!" instead)
Turn the TV down to a low volume and put a movie on that has dogs or other animals
The instant your dog sees/hears a dog and starts to react, click and throw a treat away from the TV
Continue to do this until the dog is gone

Repeat every time a dog/animal comes on the TV
Soon your dog will start expecting a treat when a dog comes on, and will turn to you instead
Gradually turn up the volume and continue until you can watch normally

Once things look better, I began rewarding for lying down and not just turning to me, and gradually reduced the treats until it's just once in a while.

If you have patience, this will work. Pause the TV if necessary to get your dog calmed down. If he doesn't notice the treats, throw them AT HIM. He'll notice them hitting him!


Carol Miller
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