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Best way to put weight on an underweight dog

I rescued this female am bulldog a couple days ago. Shes underweight, i was wondering whats the best thing to feed her to put weight on her fast.

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I used to have a viesla who ran multiple miles every day and didn't like to eat. I taught him the eat command( just google how to teach a dog eat command) and rewarded him with some food that he liked to eat , like hot dogs, and that's how I got him to eat his eight cups of food a day. But you need to get your dog to gain weight fast. I would recommend getting a couple pounds of ground meat (turkey, beef, ect.) and mixing cooked carrots and peas into it and making like meatloaf out of it, except don't cook it. Teach your dog the eat command and make him/ her eat double what the food package recommends for the weight you want your dog to be at. Don't make him eat it all until he has been eating this much for a week or two. You don't want to make him sick. Then reward him with a slice of the " meatloaf" I mentioned earlier. Make sure you put him out to use the bathroom often until you know how this affects your dog. The amount he poops will rise quite a bit so be prepared. Also don't give the dog an automatic feeder. Don't let him expect to eat whenever he wants because then he will become overweight. Hope this helps.

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To get your dog to eat, feed him the food he was designed to eat. Feed him raw meat, bones, and organs. He will love it and will gain weight. DONT feed veggies. Dogs have no dietary need for them and cannot efficiently digest them. If you are feeding him properly, his stools will get smaller, not larger. When stools are large it means the food is not being absorbed into the body. I have Great Danes and they poops 2 stools each about the size of my thumb and that is once a day. Some days, no poop at all. CHeck out my web page at for my recommendations to feeding your dog properly and get them off that garbage they call "dog food".


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Unnatural diets predispose animals to unnatural outcomes.
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