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English bulldogs

Hello guys can you give my some pros and cons and basic info for the English bulldog, also for the miniature bulldog. What's the general difference between the two?

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English bulldogs are very beautiful and loving dogs, however there are cons on the breed. One big one is medical issues. These dogs, due to their body types and inbreeding to keep the line pure, have many differnet medical issues they deal with. Ive wanted one for sooo long but just dont know if i have the heart or financial ability to own one. Youll have to do a google search on the issues they have too many to name. If u want go to you tube and look for a video called dogs101 english bulldog. Along with medical they are very expensive due to the fact they cant genrally breed but are artificially inseminated and have to have c-sections to give birth.their general upkeep is fairly high with grroming and cleaning theor facial folds to stop bacteria from forming and causing skin disease. But on the upside theyre stature only allows them to move a limited amount so walking them and playing with them is eaaser because they cant tolerate alot before they get overheated and loose their breath due to their throat constricting after extended exercise. So naturally they are a lazy cuddling loving dog. Hope i didnt acare you away from them just wanted to give u some info. Check out as much as you can about them bevause they are high maintenace dogs but ive never heard ANY complaints from anyone who had them. Good luck!

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Well, English Bulldogs are very gentle and eager to please. They're good with kids, but heavy bodied so can knock down little ones unless they're well trained. They nevermean to hurt anyone but if you have small children or grandchildren this is something that you'll need to take into account...

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