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Probiotics for Dogs?

Hey everyone!

So as I mentioned in my introduction post, I have a Siberian Husky who has been getting sick recently. A part of me thinks it has to do with a switch in dog food. The veterinarian thinks it is unlikely but I don't know... it just seems a bit coincidental.

To ease my concerns, he mentioned to start giving Rocky a high-quality probiotic and that after some time, he will adjust.

Does anyone else have experience with this? I've been doing some research online and came across this article:

Are Probiotics Safe for Dogs?

But I would like to hear first-hand accounts from other dog owners. I think it would put me more at ease than an article saying it's ok. But maybe I'm just being paranoid!

Thank you for your help.

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I give mine plain yogurt with their food. I also feed VeRUS dog food. If you are having issues or have questions, VeRUS has a fantastic website with a wealth of usable info. Then, if you still have questions about items in food, you can contact them and tell them what issues your dog is having. You will get an email back from a live person who will give some suggestions & tell you which of their foods they suggest & why. THEN they'll send you some really great samples.
VeRUS has never had a food recall in almost 30 years. They stay on top of nutritional requirements. They are smart, caring people. Check out their website at
I've been feeding this food for over a year and I STRONGLY recommend it. My dogs are so much healthier than they've ever been!

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I don't take any risk when it comes to my dog's health. I order food from Brooklyn dog food delivery suppliers as they are well experienced about dog food. So my dog remains healthy and my dog do not face any health problems.

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I'm with EmmaRoo on this one. I've been feeding Verus to my dogs for years. The whole "No Recalls in 30 years thing" is huge in my book. Also, verus has a way of freeze drying live PROBIOTICS. This is good because your dog will get them thru his food naturally and the live freezing makes the probiotics more effective with a longer shelf-life than other foods. Did EmmaRoo mention free samples? Those are THE BOMB!

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Check out plain Kefir. It's like yogurt but has more live probiotics. You can get at the grocery store. It works really well for my dogs who have sensitive tummies.

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I have 2 Akitas and i was recommended by my vet to give them probiotics when they had a hard time going to the bathroom or vomit /diarrhea .. I been giving them ZPAW VET LINE PROBIOTICS and every time it makes them feel better no side effect or anything
they recently started to sell online
here is the link

100% recommended by my vet and also me (if that counts)
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