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Originally Posted by diamah View Post

And, I'm not sure how your BF could be taking your dog anywhere against your objections; it doesn't seem like a very viable relationship if he just ignores you and does what he wants?
Hi you are so right! I stopped letting anyone try train my dog. I can't believe I even let it go on. I told him if he can't understand that she's a baby and is learning, be patient, and not take his anger out on her then I do not want him to have anything to do with raising her.
I cried one day cuz I noticed she had to keep her eyes on him when he's standing and hate that I let someone scare her that much :'( but now I don't let it happen and she's doing great I'm just having a hard time crate training. But thank you I owe the success that I've had so far to the awesome advice in this forum
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Question Large Breed Diet

Oh I also wanted to see if you had any aadvice as to whart I should be feeding her. Ijust want thebest no matter what and right now she's eating Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food, Puppy Multivitamins, and salmon oil once a day. I don't have the time to REALLY research the all natural diet but if that's healthiesrt for her then that's what I want. Thanks for any advice you can offer :-)
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Good Morning and welcome to the board. Now if I was you I would be careful about the extra vitamins because a rottie is a large breed and too much extra stuff can cause them to grow too fast which is very hard on their joints. I would keep the salmon oil and you have her on a great dog food. Glad she is learning fast--she sounds like a great pupper. Good luck with her and please keep us updated.
As for the trainers on here keep up the great work and advisement.............


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I'm so glad that you came back and let us know how you are doing - and it sounds like you're doing great! Rottweilers are awesome dogs, thats for sure.

For diet, some people swear by raw food but its really up to you. My dog has been fed kibble/canned dog food, grainless as much as possible, but I'm trying to switch him to raw though he doesn't seem to be liking it much. I get the raw food from a butcher shop here in Surrey, and they prepare it into patties. It includes real meat as well as vegetables, and I think its a good option, at least for now. I'm not a fanatic about meat-only, I think dogs have developed as scavengers and thus are able to eat a wide variety of food. Some would disagree with me, of course. So for this issue, you need to do some research and decide for yourself what you are comfortable with.

Anyway, glad you are doing so well and that your BF is seeing the effect positive training can have. Hope to hear lots more from you.

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Rotts really ARE awesome! I have had them since 1982 and don't want anything but Rotts! Even had a rescue just for Rotts for ten years and helped with rescue five years prior. I also did all breed boarding for over 20 years. Now I have parkinsons and am told the rott I have now is going to have to be the last (I can't take full care of them any longer) but I have to say they are the absolute best breed I have ever had, bar none.

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