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German Shepherds

I am going to be getting a new puppy soon, and I am thinking about a German Shepherd.
I would like owners of other GSDs to tell me what the GSD is like in the home, around kids, etc.

Can anyone tell me?


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First, welcome to the board!

Second, I trust my German Shepherd with my life. She baby sits my 8 month old better than most teenage girls could. She's a cuddle bunny with a fierce 'dont-come-near-my-homestead' kind of attitude toward strangers. She also interjects when someone she doesn't know comes near my daughter.

We rescued her. She had just had a litter of puppies and someone dropped her off on the side of the FREEWAY! Who does that?! So when we got her, she was very malnourished, skinny, and sickly. We have her on a high protein diet and shes doing very well. I do believe she has some hip problems. After a long day, her back left hip kind of bothers her.

Shes a fantastic dog. We named her Roo because of her huge ears and long tail!

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I had a girlfriend in our neighborhood who had a German Shepard. His name was Sarge. He was an amazing dog who loved his friends & family dearly. If there was a stranger walking down the road he would never leave the yard, but would make himself known to that person that he was watching them. It's been a long time since I've thought about him, thanks for bringing back my memories!

My second choice for a dog, would be hands down, the German Shepard. They are smart, loyal, devoted, instinctually devine protectors, and they are very good looking. Just like my Rottie...
Good luck on your search!

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I used to "rescue" an elderly male shepherd a lot.He used to get out and go wondering.I would take him for a bit of a walk and tell him that I loved him and take him back home

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They get to be big dogs, so make sure you're firm with then from a young age or they will develop habits that you don't want. Such as jumping, and over excitement, climbing on your furniture. But with a firm handler & raised around children so they develop an understanding, they are great family dogs with a protective nature. I will find my shepherd jumping up to check on my daughter when she screams. They should be well socialized though, they commonly have anxiety issues but they can be taught otherwise with good training. They are high activity dogs so be ready, they require exercise. Not ideal if you don't plan on doing much with him. And be ready for vet bills as they get older, they're prone to hip & joint problems, and also skin & allergy issues.

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Hey, I have 3 german shepherds and they lived with children and other animals as well. As a dog trainer I found that german shepherd are the most intelligent dogs and understand everything like humans. Go ahead and get your puppy....

For complete information - you may go through this video as well -

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Kind and protective!

I've had a german shepherd for a few years now, and I have a toddler. I totally trust the pup around my child. German shepherds just need training and they are very obedient dogs. Since they do like to be active and I'm often pretty busy with the baby I have just made sure to get him plenty of quality toys to keep him occupied. Mav4Life actually made one of my favorite e-books free recently and it details the best toys for German Shepherds . They also have a breeds section on the site about GS's which could definitely help you initially, also e-books on integrating a new dog into the family home! Wishing you the best of luck with your new GS pup!

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