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Originally Posted by Molly38 View Post
haha! I didn't notice this thread was 4 years old lol, I just used the search function so it was at the top of my list

I have joined a BC forum but not much help there lets just say people aren't as "nice" as they are here lol, but I will try a new one.

Thanks for that link echoica, I'll be sure to explore all of it.

Long time no see for sure, have been a lot of time working with Molly and making her a happier more obedient doggy and of course a little play in between that hehe jk.
discussion (argument) forums can be soooooo evil. no question. i don't go on many myself...
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Hey Molly38. Nice to see you back. I was wondering how you were doing with Molly,especially when I saw the post the other day by the Corgi owner who was having similar problems with car chasing. Maybe you can share stories. Sometimes knowing there is someone else out there that is dealing with the same issues helps. In any case glad you have resurfaced.

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Thanks puplove!
Yeah I haven't been on here as much as I should :S

It's difficult around here because their aren't as many things for dogs as other places.
We have no dog parks, no herding classes, and the closest obedience classe is 1h30 away.
So I sorta have to improvise and try to do my own thing.

I just go to an "abandonned" baseball field and do our little frisbee flyball thing there, and we have a small agility kit with a few hurdles and tunnels that we can do.

I'm going to attend obedience classes in september when they are back in business. The only thing I can't find or provide for Molly is herding classes :S which is what she would need the most.

In any case I'll be sure to speak up on here more often and read other peoples stories

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