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Hi - Raw fed is great, if you have the time/energy/$/storage space. In lieu of that, try these people -
They will send you free samples. They put a lot of effort into putting the right ingredients into their foods and staying on top of nutritional requirements. They have NEVER had a food recall (check out this article:
The VeRUS people will actually respond to your questions with a live person. I've been feeding my dogs VeRUS for well over a year and they have thrived on it! Then about 6 months ago, I started taking care of my mom's dog. I slowly switched her over to VeRUS from Purina's Beyond dry food. She (the dog) has increased energy and she poops about 50% less often. This food is great stuff.

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I'm afraid to feed our dogs with all commercialized dog food because of its preservatives and highly processed state. We cook and prepare food for our dogs from fresh chicken, fish, pork and vegetables and rice. They seem to live longer with these kinds of food.

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I generally like to use the raw diet with my dogs as well. I tried packaged food for a while but the raw diet shows better results. They have more energy and healthier skin/fur. If you are going to go with this diet, make sure you handle and choose your meat with care to avoid any unnecessary bacteria contamination.

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I hear ya, Pets2017. I did that, too, for a while after getting a 40 lb bag of moldy food that was supposed to be really good. I don't have the time or the money to purchase/cook/store homemade dog food anymore. That's why I was really glad when I found Verus. They have a patent (or it's pending) on a way to freeze-dry live probiotics to make them last longer and stay healthy for the dog. According to their website, they have EU certification for quality control in their 'kitchen' - EU cert standards are close to (or equal to) what is required for human food. The food always smells fresh - even at the bottom of the bag. I.e. it doesn't smell like dog food. It either has no discernable smell (in the formulas that don't use fish) or the it smells like fresh fish. My girls are healthier and have dropped some unwanted weight eating Verus.
As I said, I understand your motivation for feeding your home food - cooked or raw. But not everyone can do that. Verus is an EXCELLENT alternative. It's nutritionally sound and reasonably priced.

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You need to understand that puppies need food rich in vitamins and minerals which support its growth. You can give your puppy chicken soup and any puppy food from the market. As it grows into adult, you have to change the diet and start serving it eggs, mutton, wheat and adult dog food from the market.

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personaly my Dog love her raw food and she has no allergy since she started it.
learn more about there:

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