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Separation Anxiety?


I have a five month old Husky Puppy and I am scared she has some type of separation anxiety. She cries whenever I leave, which I am sure is normal for a puppy. However, she doesn't leave the side of the door. I have dog sitters come all day and they have mentioned that the entire time they are there she will sit by the door. (She never sits by the door when I'm home, instead will be laying in whichever room I am in). This isn't extremely alarming, except she is not really eating unless I am home either.

Even if I leave just to go to the mailbox, she will cry for five minutes when I return. And, every time I get back I have to push the door open and shes always attached to it.

The great thing is that she does not go potty or get destructive in my house when I'm not home (Which is amazing for a husky).

I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help her feel better when I'm not around.

Thanks in advance!

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You could try to vary the times when you leave and arrive in the house. Also, you should remove the attentive association of your puppy when you arrive or leave home so that you don't "reward" that anxiety. Try ignoring your dog for about 15 minutes when you arrive at home. Crate training might help, but this alone should do the trick. Don't "feed his demons".
Hope it works for you!


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