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We had the opposite experience Blizzard LOL

Because Charley is so small and Ralph was such a large boisterous puppy I had to take keep an eye out to make sure every one was being gentle. It was pretty intimidating for little Charley

I don't have much advice different from just bringing a new pup home. As part of my manners I did teach them to take turns though by having them both sit and wait as I took turns treating each with a peanut butter spoon. It's nice not to have one dog try to snatch treats from under the other's nose. I find it's minimized snarking.

Whoever said "let sleeping dogs lie" didn't sleep with dogs. - Unknown
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Re: Are we ready for a samoyed?

They are wonderful dogs! Lovely natured and believe it or not are self cleaning... Any dirt on their fur just dries up and falls off.

Brilliant idea with the peanut butter!

They are getting on really well thank god! Cody is a lot more gentle with him... It's hard not to interfere with them tho the little one keeps stealing toys and raw hides off my older one. Even tho they get exactly the same thing at the same time...

Two is most definitely better than one!

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