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Originally Posted by Lucille
I find it difficult to picture a quantity of dog poop so large that it would fill up enough space in a container in a car in one day to be a burden.
But the second part of your argument is interesting. You said that since the law demands poop pickup, the government should provide bins. Following this logic, if there are leash laws, the government should purchase leashes, and if they require rabies vaccinations, those should be provided as well.
Of course those who don't own dogs may not want their taxes used for all this stuff.
i think as a dog owner as the parks are council run these bins should be part of what my money gos for when paying my council tax we pay enough of it and why should I put it in my car I'm sorry oh wait there maybe when you go to the toilet you should take that and stuff it in your car because council gos toward sanitation anyway this is supposed to be a friendly site all I read is bitching if you didn't like what was wrote you didn't have to read it freedom of speech ow yeah forgot the government has taken that away from us to oh yeah next time someone is sick in the middle of the street it's ok pick it up and stuff it in container in car because why as a tax payer should we pay for it think before you answer things with stupid answers
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To go back a few points, but there are a ton of double posts here. You cannot seriously say that there are no bins as you drive from place to place. There might be no poo bins but there are bins. SJC has the right idea about making it a part of the contract. Yeah sure more bins would be great but you seem to be making out there is a huge problem that does not exist.

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In our residential walks, there is one business with an accessible garbage. The pooches usually poo before then, but sometimes they poo after. The reality is that I just have to carry poo for a couple blocks. Do I like carrying poo? Not particularly lol. I have seen dog walkers in/around larger cities (I've never seen a dog walker or postings for one here) who have 'supply belts' that they use to hook poo bags on so its hands free as they walk the dogs. Maybe something like that would make it easier for you.

I have to say our city is great with parks though. All our public parks have cans, and they even have a poop bag dispenser set up next to the can. Nobody could ever say they didn't have a bag here.

Whoever said "let sleeping dogs lie" didn't sleep with dogs. - Unknown
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Originally Posted by bex View Post
and I already put the poop bags outside the house in same place as the owners have but I don't think that I should because the owners have gone to work and then gotta come home and and deal with it and I believe that it's not fair on them as it was down to me to dispose of it adequately as I know if the tables were turned and someone was walking my dogs and left the poop bags out the front for me to deal with after work then I wouldn't b too happy, although it wouldn't bother me all that much as I would understand why
But there is a very big difference between just adding to their poop bag collection and talking to the owners and having and agreement about where to place the dog's waste. I have all of my dog walking clients complete a contract and application before I begin working with them. On the paperwork, they pick where they want me to leave the waste and I just follow their instructions whether that means placing waste on their front stoop, or in the trash can by their garage, or not worrying about cleaning up in their yard since they clean it every evening, or using the building's dumpster, or whatever.

More people would certainly pick up poop if there were ample trash cans and bags but it is what it is... you now know that you dont have access to trash cans at the park, you've been given lots of great ideas on how to deal with the problem. It's up to you to come up with whatever solution works best for you and your clients.

It's okay to be irritated or frustrated but that's not going to change anything or solve the problem. You know you have a problem, now it's time to fix it and move on.
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Originally Posted by lucille

the only one who is upset is you. You came on here with a 'rant' and we gave a few suggestions.
My advice? Take some of the suggestions. Unless you are walking 50 great danes a day, a car container would be good, or you could talk to each owner. Stop manipulating with the 'po lil me' already and start being part of our group.
completely agree
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Umm, the easiest solution is rent bins. Having said that, there are environmental-friendly waste disposal agencies which let you rent those. Yeah, that's like a bonus service offered and it's quite evident that the rates may seem to be higher if you were to do it on your own but I guess you can rent 2 or 3 for the entire block and that would help to keep the whole neighborhood clean. We've done this for our local community by pooling in some cash and it's pretty efficient.
Well, the other day, one home in the neighborhood was undergoing a major home renovation project and the bins proved to be very helpful but I dare not look inside. You would be able to find a variety of dog poop from different breeds. tbh, I find it really hard to clean the poop of another dog and gag if I try to do so ;P

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