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The raccoons killed my chicken

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here. Last I found my hen brutally attacked by a raccoon which is somewhere inside the compound of my house.

Here is what one of my hens looks like after this predator was done with it
Now I'm afraid thinking about the other chickens. I've fenced their farm already but still I'm unsure about their safety. But I know raccoons can get anywhere,would they actually attack a chicken? Has anyone ever had a real problem with raccoons? Should I call this animal control services from Hamilton?
Usually how much do these animal exterminators charge in killing a raccoon? Any idea? Is it affordable to heave?

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Yes they kill and eat chickens. I see this is an older post but for anyone who happens on for information. Racoons are scavengers AND predators. We also have coyotes and birds of prey here.

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Coyotes and Raccoons are big where I live. The raccoons you can shot yourself if they are being a pest there is no law against it. Raccoons also like chicken eggs so they will eat both. Now I don't know how much it cost to get read of them because where I live killing them by gun is the way it's doesn't around where in at. Coyotes really aren't that big of a deal because they stay away. I hope that didn't sound cruel or anything I like raccoons just not eating everything they aren't suppose too.

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Raccoons usually scavenge and hunt in forest they usually stumble human settlements and see easy pickings i.e a fenced hen so whether calling that exterminator is the right call depends on you.

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