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Supporting Membership
There are several costs to keep online; server rental, bandwidth, domain registration fees, advertising and other misc. costs that are all paid out of pocket. Instead of setting up a donation system we have put in place a membership upgrade so while you help us cover expenses to run this community you get added benefits to your account!

Membership Upgrade - $10/year, $2.99/month, $100/lifetime

  • Support The Community - Your upgrade helps pay for the bills to keep this community online.
  • Upload Attachments - Get 50MB of space to upload images directly into posts.
  • Gallery Space - Get 50MB of space to create your very own gallery.
  • Avatar - 200x200 (12KB max) avatar access to upload a unique image under your user name.
  • Profile Picture - Access to upload your own 250x250 picture which can be seen in your profile.
  • Personalized User Title - Change your user title to whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • Increased Private Message Limit - Room for 1000 private messages so you don't have to delete old ones anymore.
  • Ability to change your screen name - Change your user name as you see fit.
  • Delete Posts - You can delete your posts and threads whenever you want.
  • Less Ads - Browse the forum in more comfort without as many ads.

Payment Options

1.) PayPal (Automatic Upgrade After Payment) - Click Here
2.) Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Check - Click here to private message the administrator for address.

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