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December 16, 2006
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Mama Mia is a rehabilitated Pit Bull and was a bait dog from a fight ring in Lockhart, TX. After a raid when she was roughly 6 months old, she wound up in the poorly-run Lockhart shelter, where she languished for 3 months. While there, she delivered a small litter of 4 puppies. Through incompetency, the staff pulled her puppies at 4 weeks of age and adopted them out prior to vaccinating them. All 4 puppies contracted Parvo and died in their new homes. Mia was set to be euthanized as her time had run out and they needed the space. A good person placed her info on Craig's List, which I stumbled upon one late night. I drove out to Lockhart and arrived at the shelter the moment they opened, immediately fell in love with Mia, and the rest is history. Despite being absolutely petrified of any dogs and men for the first 6 months with me, she slowly began to work out of it with the the help of my Australian Shepherd, Gonzo, and many good friends within the rescue community. Within a year, she was a completely different dog, and now she bounces, wiggles, plays, and has a streak of diva every now and then (she hates getting her feet wet outside.) Since then, she has been an amazing member of the family, a fantastic surrogate mom for previous bottle babies I've fostered (both dog AND cat), saved me from getting car-jacked in a Walmart parking lot, and is absolutely enamored with my two-year-old daughter whom she plays secondary mom to. I consider her a stellar ambassador for all Pit Bulls and take her on outtings often to shed light on how wonderful these dogs truly are when given a chance to overcome their past.
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April 10, 2010  •  01:21 PM
I love your story! Mama Mia is such a lucky girl, and it sounds like you are very lucky, too.
April 11, 2010  •  06:24 PM
She looks precious! I'm glad you were able to help save her and give her a great life!
November 7, 2012  •  10:48 AM
I also love this story!! She is sooo beautiful!